• chevron_rightAre we an HOA?
    Lost Creek does not have an HOA.  The LCNA is a voluntary neighborhood association- a 501(c)(4) non-profit civic league.  Annual dues go to support Architectural Control, neighborhood-wide social events, community improvement projects, and advocacy of neighborhood interests.
  • chevron_rightAre the LCNA and LD different?
    The LCNA, founded in 1976, provides a forum for residents to share their concerns about enhancing the subdivision and protecting property values while also working with governmental bodies and other entities in matters of mutual interest. The LCNA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit civic league, run by dedicated volunteers who donate their time and energies for the betterment of Lost Creek.
    The LD (Limited District), unlike the LCNA, is a non-voluntary taxing authority established by vote in conjunction with our annexation by the City of Austin.  The Limited District replaces the former Municipal Utility District (MUD) and is governed by the Texas Water Code.  It is primarily responsible for maintaining our recreational amenities and deed restriction enforcement.